Community Adherence Groups (CAGs) can save HIV-positive persons time and money as the groups collect medication and deliver on time, research conducted by the US Embassy on how well CAGs support HIV-positive persons has found. Research findings on Tuesday indicate that CAGs are groups of six to 12 HIV-positive persons who have their virus under control, and who meet on a regular basis in their communities, from which one of the members visits the local clinics and collects medication on behalf of the others. The Namibia Press Agency (Nampa) reports that the Embassy further assessed the cost of patient care at nine clinics over a period of one year, and those results show that the cost of care for a stable HIV positive patient is 2-3 times lower than the cost of care for an HIV-positive patient who is not yet virally suppressed. The highest costs are for laboratory services, healthcare providers, and medicine, the research shows.