Prior to the late Sunday publication of Government Gazette No. 7329 in which the President declared a U-Turn of his previous ruling that private schools had been using as justification for reopening of all grades on Monday 7 September, the Children’s Advocate in the Office of the Ombudsman on Saturday expressed its support for the re-opening of schools for face to face teaching and learning. The Namibia press agency reports that a media statement from the Children’s Advocate explained that medical research shows that children biologically contain SARS-CoV2 better than adults adding that children are less likely to get sick if infected, have milder disease and are unlikely to die from COVID-19. The statement also pointed out that ‘research by UNESCO has […] indicated that school closures carry high social and economic costs for people across all communities”. “Violence is rife in the Namibian context and according to the Situational Analysis of Children in Namibia (UNICEF, 2018); children of all ages are at greatest risk of violence within the household,’ the Children’s Advocate highlighted, adding that the protection of children is of utmost importance and all possibilities of harm must be considered.