Ohangwena church leaders on Monday suggested that the Child Care Protection Act of 2015 which allows for a person of 16 years, to give consent for sexual intercourse, be amended as they feel a 16-year-old person is too young to give such consent. The Namibia press agency reports that, during a discussion on the topic of statutory rape with the Ohangwena regional governor, they suggested it instead be changed to 18 years and above. The governor, for his part, reportedly agreed and told the church leaders in attendance that they have the power and rights to lobby the country’s lawmakers for the Act to be amended in the interest of the whole nation. Chief Inspector Josephine Sibolile from Nampol’s Ohangwena Gender-Based Violence Protection Sub-Division meanwhile, while addressing the same meeting, advised Namibian men to learn and understand that “when a woman says no to sex, she means it and not something else”.