Several black pupils at one of the top private schools in the country, the DHPS, say they face continued racism from peers, amid concerns that the school is downplaying continued incidents of racism and prejudice. The Namibian newspaper’s investigative arm reports that the allegations are contained in a report that summarised a racism and prejudice discussion organised by Grade 11 and 12 pupils’ representatives on 2 July this year. The school has refused to answer detailed questions sent to the principal, Kristin Eichholz, about the report. According to the report, some pupils “experienced being called racial slurs and racial stereotyping such as being called the N (n*gg*rs) or K (k*ff*r) word”. Black pupils are regarded as less intelligent, the report showed. The report says, if a black student reports a racist incident to school authorities, they are told that the person “didn’t mean it that way” thus invalidating their experience and defending inexcusable behaviour.