Future Media News


Independent, Accurate, and On-Time



Our editorial policy is not dictated to us by government, civil society, or business. We choose the stories we cover and, while remaining impartial in our reporting, strive to at all times report from ‘the right side of history’.




We may not always be the first with a story but when we cover a story you can be assured that it is has been verified and is accurate




Our stories will still be timeous and relevant to the current news cycle, not days old and no longer of any interest to our listener.

Future Media News is wholly owned by Namibia Future Media Holdings (Pty) LTD and does not derive funding from any other sources. The choice of what stories to run is left entirely to the news team under the guidance of Broadcast Editor, David Bishop.

While every effort is taken to ensure mistakes do not happen and inaccuracies do not creep into news bulletins should a report be issued in error or a factual discrepancy end up in a bulletin this will be corrected at the start of the next possible bulletin following the discovery of such error.