The 2020 annual general meeting of the Editors’ Forum of Namibia has elected four panellists to the Media Appeals Committee, the highest body that hears cases or considers rulings referred to it by the Media Ombudsman. Those elected at its meeting held on Friday, November 13 are Mr André Le Roux, Mr Johannes Hanyemwati Shikodi and Mr Kennedy Kariseb, representing the public, and Mr Ernst Venzke who will join Mr Hesron Kapanga and Mr Joseph Sheefeni (both serving their second term) to represent the media on the committee. The newly constituted Appeals Committee will not waste any time as a pending appeal case, (Victor Angula v The Namibian) is to be heard before year end. This is the first time a ruling has been appealed since the self-regulatory mechanism was instituted 11 years ago in 2009.