A group that calls itself the ‘Youth and Activists From Genocide Affected Communities’ has taken a swipe at German-speaking Namibians who claim the land they own was legally obtained. This, Nampa reports, follows statements by German-speaking Namibians in recent months who – at the height of the genocide debate – claim to have acquired land through legal means, while it is largely held that this land was stolen. An irate Dawid Kaiko, the movement’s spokesperson, in a media release said, “Today, Namibians of German descent continue to own most of our commercial farms that they mostly inherited from their parents, who killed our people”. On Friday, German-speaking Namibian Harry Schneider-Waterberg was quoted in a local newspaper as saying: “The people [Germans] who came here, none of them stole any land. The people who came here bought the land under the laws of the government of the day.”