Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Government Institutions Pension Fund, Desmond Nikanor has given his reassurance that no matter how long the COVID-19 pandemic lasts or the impact it has on the market, the Fund will still be able to meet its maturing obligations. The Namibia press agency reports that while the Fund’s recent financial report stated that investments had dropped from N$ 117.5 billion in April 2019 to N$ 108.5 billion by March 2020 Nikanor insisted that people’s investments are safe, saying: “the fund is healthy”, and that “because [they] plan long-term, [they] are set up in a way that [their] diverse investments allow the fund to withstand incidental drops in the market without affecting [their] ability to meet [their] obligations. He said the Fund had once again made significant gains since March 2020, bringing the asset base up to N$ 125.4 billion as of November 2020.