The Government Institutions Pension Fund has said that it is aware of the de-registration of the Baobab Capital (Pty) Ltd and Baobab Growth Fund (Pty) Ltd by the Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority as published in today’s newspapers and is seeking to “re-assure stakeholders and its members that the underlying companies and investments in which the Baobab Growth Fund has invested on behalf of the GIPF, remains safe and sound. The GIPF committed N$140 million in October 2016 to the [fund and] as of July 2020, an amount of N$87 million has been drawn down […] and is currently invested in various portfolio companies, which are still on track to fulfilling their mandates”, said David Nuyoma, CEO and Principal officer to GIPF. The GIPF insisted that it will continue to work with NAMFISA to ensure that the portfolio investments […] remain safe.