Auditor-General Junias Kandjeke is distressed over the lack of accountability at the Ministry of Health and Social Services. According to Nampa, reigning supreme among Kandjeke’s concerns are over-expenditure, unauthorised spending, unaccounted vehicles, and double payments of invoices to service providers. Between the 2014/2015 and 2018/2019 financial years, the ministry cumulatively overspent its budget by nearly N$ 900 million (N$ 888.82 million) on its main divisions. Future Media News spoke to the Executive Director in the Ministry of Health and Social Services, Ben Nangombe, who explained that “The unauthorised expenditure was brought on by the health ministry still facing a shortage of human resources, which requires employees to work overtime.” According to Nangombe, the ministry has informed the office of the Auditor-General that the money pertaining to double payments has been recovered. He added that it is unfortunate that the office of the Auditor-General did not rectify the final report.