Swapo stalwart and former Home Affairs minister Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana has cautioned Namibians against a potential inquiry into the ‘Lubango dungeons’, saying it could bring endless problems. Nampa reports that her remarks come at the back of a motion tabled in the National Assembly by Swanu leader Tangeni Iijambo in June to review the successes and failures of Namibia’s ‘policy on national reconciliation’, which was met with dismay and rejected by all Swapo MP’s prior to their 62-day break. The Lubango dungeons as they are notoriously known, refer to the disposal of Swapo members by the party in the dungeons during the liberation struggle on accusations of their being South African spies. For years now, families and friends of those Namibians who never returned home from exile have demanded answers on their whereabouts as they attempt to find closure. For Iivula-Ithana, however, Namibians must forgive each other but “never forget” about the atrocities committed during the liberation struggle perpetrated against them by their kith and kin.