A stash of rare gold coins discovered in a Swiss vault – and believed to be part of the puzzle of the missing Kruger Millions – are now for sale. Business Insider reports that the mystery of the missing “Kruger Millions” has inspired intrepid treasure hunters and braai-side theorists alike. In 2001, it emerged that a family of farm workers had discovered some of these Kruger pods near Ermelo in Mpumalanga as early as 1960. Beyond that, however, the gold has remained hidden. That was until the recent discovery of the Swiss vault. The Kruger ponds, now owned by the South African Mint, have been independently verified and graded with two limited-edition sets now available to purchase. Depending on the condition and year of the coin, the value of a single Double Shaft Kruger Pond in this “Lost Hoard” collection ranges from R14,500 to R250,000.