While people’s health and wellbeing is the number one priority, the success of businesses will determine if those same people will have jobs to come back to. 

As marketers we must also pay some attention to ensuring we all have jobs to return to. That means supporting the economy by using our talent and thinking caps. It means we mustn’t be paralysed by Coronavirus.

What is unfolding is truly tragic, but it is temporary. Now that some of the initial shock is being absorbed, as we settle into our new norms, some of us need to turn part of our attention to the economic responsibilities we have.


This is what is happening now:

  • Some brands will simply not be able to advertise, whether due to cashflow or a complete collapse of supply, demand, or both.
  • Others will rightly question whether they should advertise right now, as we’ve seen with Coca-Cola GB – suspending their activity whilst they pause to consider how to serve their audience best at this time.
  • For those that can, and wish to advertise, we all know there are some basics that need to be considered at this time; to serve your audience like never before, to be appropriate and responsible.
  • FMCG brands can continue to advertise in the current landscape with a creative tweak that encourages responsible behaviour when shopping or discounts for front line workers.

Aside from directly advertising, many brands often put off investment in customer analytics, marketing analytics and technology due to the immediate demands they face, now is a good time to invest in this. Many businesses can work with more freedom now to ensure they have the right foundation to make their marketing more effective in the future.

We mustn’t be afraid to continue in some way. The economy and people’s jobs should benefit from our sectors considerable creativity and technical knowhow.


Firstly, there is one. And it’s not that far away. The market will come back, and now is the time to consider your next moves.

The brands that use this time to consider how the global Corona epidemic will alter the behaviour of their audience, how to then reach them, how to talk to them, how to market to them if we have intermittent lockdowns, and how to position a brand in any new norm – these are the brands that will bounce back faster than those currently sat on their hands.

Here’s a few prompts to help stimulate your thinking:

Your audience:

  • How are they feeling now?
  • How will they behave in the future?


  • How can your business help people at this critical time?
  • How can it position itself post C19?


  • We have been asked to isolate at home. Split your media between those channels available at home, such as radio, social media and television.
  • Consider the media channels that are currently losing revenues and consider if there is sufficient value in using them – there is a lot of inventory available in certain channels right now at discounted rates.


  • How can you use your communications to support people now?
  • How can you tweak existing messaging to be appropriate and responsible?
  • How will you position yourself when we bounce back?

Data Science:

  • How can you use behavioural science to analyse and predict future customer behaviour? C19 will change people, in subtle and profound ways.


  • What infrastructure projects can you bring forward, such as a Salesforce implementation or Google Analytics 360?

Let’s get to work.