According to their recently released annual report, Namib Desert Diamonds (NAMDIA) made a profit of N$ 150 million before tax and declared a dividend of N$ 80 million to Government, while as part of its tax obligations to the fiscus, NAMDIA paid N$ 63 million to the Ministry of Finance. And also contributed N$15 million to the Namibian Government’s Drought Relief Fund, which was established to provide assistance to farmers during the prevailing drought. The report also reveals that as part of NAMDIA’s strategic planning to get a better perspective on the global diamond value chain, the company acquired 50 per cent of the midstream diamond cutting and polishing company, Namgem Diamond Manufacturing Company and has agreed to, on behalf of Government, a Purchase Entitlement consisting of 15 per cent per annum of Namdeb Holdings’ total run-of-mine production, from the Namibia Diamond Trading Company.