The Namibian Stock Exchange (NSX) has launched the annual Namibia Scholars’ Investment Challenge (NSIC), in partnership with Old Mutual, Future Media and the Financial Literacy Initiative.

The NSIC will see student teams given a fictitious amount of N$500,000 each to invest on the Namibian Stock Exchange from April – September 2022. The five top teams will be rewarded with cash prizes from Old Mutual, with the overall best performing team winning a grand prize of N$50,000

NSX CEO Tiaan Bazuin says that all Grade 10-12 learners and registered university students in Namibia are invited to register their teams for this exciting competition. Bazuin commented: “The NSIC 2021 was an exciting year with great returns reaped…We hope to see a positive year in the market, that more teams will partake and will outperform last year’s results”.

Old Mutual Namibia continues to demonstrate a firm commitment to the development of the Namibian youth’s financial skillset. Ashante Manetti, Old Mutual Acting Marketing and Communications Executive states that, “the Namibia Scholar’ Investment Challenge is well positioned in providing our University and School students with an opportunity to better understand our capital market and how it operates. Thus, our investment of N$200 000 is intended to plant a seed that will help our youth discover their talent before their prime”.

Future Media Project Manager Christine Venter highlighted the importance of marketing the initiative to students, saying: “It’s important for students to learn how to maneuver the challenges and opportunities of the investment market. Hands-on experiences like this competition will give them invaluable skills to thrive.”

The Financial Literacy Initiative (FLI) says their involvement in the NSIC helps to fulfil their mandate to enhance the financial education for individuals and Micro-, Small- and Medium-sized enterprises in Namibia. “FLI advocates the importance of providing the necessary information and skills to the NSIC participants to lay a long-term investment foundation.”

For further information, please contact: Johene Saal on 061- 227647,