Public health specialist for immunisation at the World Health Organisation, Roselina de Wee, has encouraged Namibians to take the COVID-19 vaccine once it becomes available in the country, explaining that the vaccine went through the same safety testing procedures as other vaccines and medicines. Commenting on Namibia’s readiness for the arrival of the vaccine, De Wee said the Ministry of Health and Social Services has a team that is assisted by partners and other line ministries to look into logistical requirements of importing the COVID-19 vaccine and ensure that the country is ready for its arrival. Unlike as is the case in South Africa, De Wee said that no pre-testing will be done and that once the vaccine arrives in the country, the ministry will commence with the vaccinations. The government is currently targeting the vaccination of 20 per cent of the population with frontline health workers and people of advanced age at the front of the queue.