Namibia’s new vehicle sales rose with a total of 874 units sold, compared to 595 in August 2020 which is the 3rd lowest number since September 2015. An increase in new vehicle sales in September 2020 is explained by an expansion in Light Commercial Vehicles, Passenger Vehicles, and Heavy Commercial Vehicles, which printed a month-on-month increase of 66.3%, 34.3%, and 25.0%, respectively. According to Bruce Hansen, the Managing Director at Simonis Storm Securities, the increase in Light Commercial Vehicles sales, may speak of an uptick in commercial activity, while an increase in Passenger Vehicles sold, may point to consumers regaining confidence. The biggest month on month drop 28.6% was registered by Medium Commercial Vehicles, with 15 units sold in September 2020, compared to 21 units sold in the prior month. Extra Heavy Commercial Vehicles dropped by 2.6% in September 2020, with 38 units sold, compared to 39 units sold in the previous month.