The High Court of Namibia has ordered residents of Okahandja alleged to have grabbed land illegally at various informal settlements in the town to vacate the land or defend their actions in a court of law. The Namibia press agency reports that the residents, who are currently residing at informal settlements such as Eekunde Proper, Eekunde Extension 5, Veddersdal Extensions 1, 2 and 3, as well as Five Rand Extension 3 and 4, have been given three days from the day the court order was issued to give notice at the court registrar in writing to register their intentions to defend their actions or oppose the eviction order. Following this, the deputy sheriff for the district of Okahandja is authorised to evict any person that is in unlawful occupation of any municipal land and is further authorised to demolish, remove, and dispose of any structure or goods that may be found at the municipal land.