Namibia’s Ombudsman, Basilius Dyakugha has taken a dig at Cabinet ministers who use their positions and sensitive information to enrich themselves and their cronies.
Saying this is in conflict with the country’s laws, the lawyer said through equitable wealth distribution, Namibia can rid itself of ‘extreme poverty. The chief human rights defender made the observations during a recent public lecture on the role of the Ombudsman and social justice in the Namibian context, organised by the Affirmative Repositioning (AR) movement. The session covered issues including access to free quality education, environmental protection, and the upholding of human rights. Article 42 of the Namibian Constitution inter alia blocks members of the Cabinet from using their position or information entrusted to them confidentially to enrich themselves, directly or indirectly. Dyakugha questioned how ministers and their cronies are allowed to or have benefited handsomely from State contracts, fishing quotas, resettlement farms, and other concessions.