Political Analyst, Dr. Gerson Sindano, said outsourcing the green schemes in the two Kavango regions to private investors is an intellectual insult to local farmers or investors in the area. The Minister of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform, Calle Schlettwein, told investors in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates earlier this year that the government will June this year issue a request for a proposal to lease 11 green schemes. ‘Outsourcing these green schemes to outsiders means that we are unable to do it ourselves, therefore we need someone else to come and do it,’ Sindano said. He said issues of agriculture have to do with policy shifts, before stating that the country’s policies make it difficult for local farmers or agriculturalists to produce massively. He said the Southern Africa Customs Union also makes it difficult for farmers as the government would rather import produce from South Africa in order to make a profit from the revenues.