The coronavirus pandemic has widened the gender gap by a generation and closing it will take concerted efforts by policymakers around the world, a new report by the World Economic Forum has found. Al Jazeera reports that based on the current trajectory, women will now have to wait another 135.6 years – up from 99.5 years in 2020 – to achieve overall parity with men. The Global Gender Gap Index report found that the political gender gap is expected to take 145.5 years to close while on the economic front, the index found that it will take 267.6 years to bridge the gender divide. In some good news, the gender gaps in areas of education and health are closing with thirty-seven countries having reached gender parity in education, but still, it will take about 14.2 years to completely close this divide, the WEF found. In health, over 95 percent of the gender gap has been closed.