Several parliamentarians are unequivocal that Namibia’s struggle for independence was always about the return of land to its rightful owners. Swapo’s Agnes Kafula, the deputy chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources, gave her position during a public hearing with the Affirmative Repositioning movement. While the skewed distribution of land is a contemporary hot topic – with some saying there is no relationship between wealth and land ownership – Kafula, who was impressed by the presentation did not mince her words, saying the struggle was about land. Rally for Democracy and Progress leader welcomed the draft law with caution, saying politics and self-interests must be avoided, as the bill aims to resolve collective and incomplete Namibian issues. The Bill, In essence, AR wants a buy-in from lawmakers to fix the land question, starting with barring foreign nationals from owning land in Namibia through the Land Indigenisation Bill. If passed into law, the Act will regulate foreign ownership of land, regulate the right to property for non-Namibians and ultimately “give power, control, and ownership of land in Namibia to the people of Namibia.”