Joyce Paulus

Informal documentation and a lack of professionalism cause employment and internship opportunities to be a continuous challenge for job seekers that opt to secure work positions.

The aim of a professional job application is to obtain data that will form a selection, provide recruiters with what they need to develop interview questions, and confirm the capability of the applicant for the job and the nature of the working environment. “It is important to ensure that your application stands out, with all the necessary details, and be specific when targeting a company’s job title”, said Sonja Coetzer, Managing Director at Salt Essential IT Namibia.

Ensure to highlight details that include an accurate and brief composition of introduction with minimal description of irrelevance, hence being well aware of misinterpretation and keeping records aligned before concluding. “Avoid grammatical errors, time-consuming information and seek help from people that are well capable”, said Lisa Matomola, Managing Consultant at Hito HR Namibia.

Gaining background information about the target organization through research and networking is essential because it means getting a little but not too over-familiar, which contributes to exposure and preparation of a good impression.

According to Forbes, companies hire more remote employees, realizing that they can recruit international workers and make competition stiff. Therefore if you’re trying to make a career pivot, you may also be competing against more qualified candidates. “That’s why it’s still important to make your job application stand out in a global marketplace”, said Caroline Castrillon, Life Coach at Forbes.

Most especially, the current generation of young students and graduates requires jobs and internships, even though employment is very limited. In order to find and secure one, it is satisfactory to know the basics of an adequate job application. Seeking assistance from a mentor or a professional that is well experienced to scan through your application for validation and updates leads to superior future reference. 

It has been observed that the reason people don’t identify these faults is that they don’t understand the importance of asking for help and guidance, especially when searching for a job. “I was not aware of how important it is to have a presentable application, till my peer who has the experience, revamped it and there was a positive outcome,” said Keisha Madeira, a graduate student from the Namibia University of Science and Technology.