Local charity, The Rhino Momma Project, which was established in 2011 with the aim of increasing rhino populations and genetic diversity, not only in Namibia, but across the rest of southern Africa as well, is appealing for help to care for two orphan rhino calves they are currently looking after.

In June this year, the Rhino Momma team came across a tiny rhino calf, walking with another youngster, but with no mother in sight. Initial thoughts were that the mother had been poached, but to the team’s relief the mother was found alive and well. For reasons known only to her though, she had decided to abandon the calf.

While the ideal situation would always be for a mother to care for her calf, due to the freezing temperatures at the time and the risk of starvation to the calf, a decision was made to take ‘Little Lilly’ to the orphanage where she is being given milk every two hours, taken on walks, monitored, and given mud baths, settling into her new life nicely.

Shortly thereafter though, on the 22nd of June, The Rhino Momma team received a call from Wildlife Vets Namibia, reporting that another calf had been found on a separate nature reserve, again having been abandoned by its mother. This time the mother had adopted a 2-month old calf, and left her own one-day old female calf to fend for itself. Wildlife Vets Namibia took every measure possible to try and unite the mother and calf, but to no avail.

The Rhino Momma Project, once again, stepped in and arranged for the translocation of ‘Venasha’ to their orphanage. Both calves are doing well and seem to be on the road to recovery, but The Rhino Momma Project and the dedicated veterinary team now have two very young rhinos that need to be hand-raised.

Between now and the time they are weaned, each of these calves will consume an astonishing 10,000 litres of SPAR LONG LIFE FAT FREE milk. This, together with nourishing supplements, medical attention and round the clock care means costs are mounting, and The Rhino Momma Project needs help with the funding.


Rhino digestive systems are incredibly sensitive, so much so that they cannot even handle a change in milk brand. Any change to their diet can cause severe gastric distress, drops in glucose levels, and potentially devastating effect on their health. SPAR was the first to commit to assisting The Rhino Momma Project, so it is vitally important that the calves continue to receive SPAR LONG LIFE FAT FREE milk going forward.

The Rhino Momma Project thanks each and every person who has donated thus far as without the support of the Namibian public they would not have been able to take on this mammoth task.

To assist The Rhino Momma Project in caring for ‘Venasha’ and ‘Lilly’ visit https://www.givengain.com/cc/orphan-rhino-calf-needs-your-help/ to make a donation, or get in touch directly on www.rhinomomma.com

You can also follow their story on the Rhino Momma Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RhinoMomma/?ref=page_internal