Uranium giant, Rössing, has paid the government N$111 million in royalty tax while spending around N$ 2.3 billion in local procurement in 2021. This is contained in Rössing Uranium’s stakeholder report which was launched and presented by the company’s managing director, Johan Coetzee. During the same period, Rössing paid N$167 million as pay-as-you-earn, however, no corporate tax dividends were paid during the period under review. “Payments to public enterprises such as NamWater and NamPower amounted to N$ 464.2 million,” Coetzee stated. More so, the Rössing Foundation invested N$14 million in local community projects. Despite Rössing’s sales volumes being 11 percent higher than in 2020, revenue dropped by six percent to N$4.26 billion. This is attributed to the impact of a stronger Namibian dollar against the US dollar.