Rwanda has drastically reduced, by 54%, the importation of gases known as ‘hydro chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) that deplete ozone layer paving the way for implementing the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol. Martine Uwera, from Rwanda’s National Focal Point of Montreal Protocol, told The New Times that the country has reduced the importation of HCFCs from 4.1 tonnes in 2010 to 1.89 tonnes currently. The the gases, which deplete the ozone layer, are used in air conditioners and refrigerators. The 2016 Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol which entered into force in 2019 is an international treaty-designed to phase out such powerful climate-warming gases by more than 80 per cent in the next 30 years. Once phased out, the gases could reduce 0.5 degree Celsius of global warming.