In addition to the COVAX process, South African President Cyril Ramphosa announced “bilateral discussions [taking place] with a number of vaccine manufacturers”, promising “further announcements once firm agreements are in place” but as the vaccine rollout in developed countries gathers pace and the Covid-19 resurgence moves unforgivingly through the country, taking more and more lives, civil society is growing increasingly anxious and critical about the lack of transparency, public engagement and education on a vaccine plan for South Africa. This, the Daily Maverick reports, has led to a call for the establishment of a “People’s Vaccine Plan”, similar to the TAC’s campaign 20 years ago for a National ARV Treatment Plan calling for “the government as a matter of urgency [to] devise and announce a rollout plan” and to “[…] rebuild its own capacity to manufacture its own vaccines”, insisting that “nothing less will amount to criminal neglect”.