Investment flows have weakened over the past 10 years, with public investments declining and private investment turning negative, Minister of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform Calle Schlettwein has said. Speaking at a one-day annual conference of the Economic Association of Namibia in Windhoek on Thursday, Schlettwein said this is due to more capital outflows than inflows and it is a worrying trend when this happens, regardless of whether the economy grows or shrinks. He’s quoted as saying that “The private sector maintains that the causes for these trends are uncertainty as a result of empowerment and redistributive policies of the government. This, therefore, becomes a challenge that must be soberly discussed and resolved, adding though that perpetual inequality and severely skewed wealth distribution are unsustainable and will cause political instability if not addressed meaningfully. Schlettwein said that the options are not whether or not to proceed with empowerment and redistribution policies to erode inequality, but about finding how to achieve a more equal society and a more dignified lifestyle for all Namibians in the shortest possible time.