Three Namibian Police Reservists allegedly shot and injured two suspected robbers on Tuesday morning, after the latter allegedly attacked them while patrolling a gravel road in the bushy areas of Windhoek’s Cimbebasia residential area. Namibian Police Force spokesperson, Deputy Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi, confirmed the incident to Nampa during a daily crime update, when she said the incident happened around 07h30 when five men, armed with a machete and a knife, allegedly emerged from the bushes, charging at the police reservists who were patrolling the area that has become a hot crime spot lately, as two armed robbery cases were also reported two weeks ago in the area. Shikwambi advised the public to be extra-cautious as cases of robbery and housebreaking are on an increase, especially this time of the year when most people are still on holiday and away from their houses.