During the financial year 2021/2022, the Kavango East Region was allocated an amount of N.dollars 160 million for developmental purposes, the region’s governor, Bonny Wakudumo, said. Wakudumo said this when he gave an account of how the regional government performed during the above-mentioned financial year in his State of the Region Address delivered on Wednesday. He said from the provision, that the Kavango East Regional Council spent an amount of N.dollars 600 000 on income-generating projects in all six constituencies of the region. Although the projects are not listed, 77 people benefited from this initiative, he said. According to him, 153 schools benefited from the country’s school feeding programme at an amount of N.dollars 13 million. Meanwhile, Wakudumo pointed out that the University of Namibia’s Rundu Campus is in dire need of a 21st-century library facility to enable effective learning through 24-hour-study services for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.