Today’s solar eclipse will only be visible from mostly the western parts of South Africa, while most of South America, the Pacific, Atlantic, and the Indian Ocean will be able to experience this unique solar event. According to astronomers, the eclipse will be visible from Bloemfontein and Cape Town. The partial eclipse will begin late afternoon although this first sighting will only be visible to those in South America. Future Media News got in touch with Dr. Riaan Steenkamp, the Head of Physics and Astrophysics at the University of Namibia who says that the total eclipse will start just before seven tonight over Western Angola, Namibia, south-western Botswana, and western and central South Africa. The next total solar eclipse won’t come until December 4, 2021. Luckily 2020 still has one last celestial phenomenon in store: The great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21.