People across the United States have voted in one of the most polarising presidential elections in the country’s history – and the race is also playing out on social media. Al Jazeera reports that the #Vote2020 and #ElectionDay hashtags are trending in most countries on Twitter, as the world closely follows the hard-fought matchup between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, with many of the posts turning to humour to relieve tensions. @Naijavote expressed the opinion that after these elections no-one in the world should again talk about ‘tribal’ or ‘ethnic politics’ as the preserve of Africans, while humourous account @gathara tweeted “Following last-minute mediation by the AU, a tenuous peace is holding across the US as polls begin to open for voting in the beleaguered country’s presidential election. The AU has called on Americans to remain calm and to reject politicians inciting acts of violence”.