United States President Donald Trump’s trade war with China has caused a peak loss of 245,000 US jobs, but a gradual scaling back of tariffs on both sides would boost growth and lead to an additional 145,000 jobs by 2025, a study commissioned by the US-China Business Council revealed. Al Jazeera reports that the group, which represents major US companies doing business in China, said the study by Oxford Economics also includes an “escalation scenario” that estimates a significant decoupling of the world’s two largest economies could shrink US gross domestic product by $1.6 trillion over the next five years, resulting in 732,000 fewer US jobs in 2022 and 320,000 fewer jobs by 2025. “With China forecast to drive around one-third of global growth over the next decade, maintaining market access to China is increasingly essential for U.S. businesses’ global success,” the study said.