Metro Community Heroes Finalists

Simon Hadula
Simon Hadula provides hygienic and free laundry services to the elderly, people with disabilities and people with visual impairment. In conclusion he keepa caring eye on their heath on a regular basis. 
Selma Lucas

Selma Lucas is a selfless and humble woman who is a mother of three and a guardian to others. She is a widow who lost her husband last year but that has not stopped her from doing community work. She has a soup kitchen on Saturdays that caters to the hungry and malnourished community, and she meets with the youth to engage, guide, and help them with the challenges they face on a daily basis. Selma Lucas writes proposals to solicit donations for the vulnerable community’s pads, food, and cosmetics. Selma Lucas is also a Christian, and she believes that the Bible says, “Come as you are,” and she uses that to inspire young people that they can be unstoppable.

Ruach Elohim Foundation

Ruach Elohim Foundation have the utmost privilege of opening their hearts and home to LOVE and take CARE of abandoned, abused, neglected, and unwanted babies in Namibia. They have installed a Baby Saver Box in their boundary wall to help desperate, pregnant mothers to choose life and a safe option for their unplanned babies! All life should be protected, honored and cherished as the beautiful gift that it is!

Josephine Anjolo

She established a platform for nurses to come together to help the needy; they visit schools, orphanages, and other locations with needy communities, providing primary health information as well as food and clothing.

Barbara Els

Barbara Els of the New Life Centre launched a much-needed community project to help sick and abandoned babies at Central Hospital. She not only meets physical needs, but also emotionally and spiritually supports the mothers and babies. She wants to improve the central hospital space, the inside garden, and the mommy rooms in order to provide a safe space for the supportive teams she has already aligned with. She is making a significant difference. Mercy is the name of her project.

Fransiska Gaweses

Providing home care courses to mostly unemployed women. The significance of this is that after completing the course, you will be able to care for senior citizens and bedridden patients. Due to high unemployment, most classes are provided for free.

Anna Amoomo

With particular focus on Women Infant and children Anna, provide fresh produce to pregnant and breastfeeding women and also extend to other vulnerable members of the community. 

The objective is to supplement diets during pregnancy for the development of the baby and further extend production of milk for her new born while mommy meets a nutrition requirement. The produce from the garden is given all away free of charge and when available extra dry food stuff too. In addition, train the skill of self food in the informal settlement.
Foibe Sakaria

Foibe Sakaria assists community members living in informal settlements in establishing vegetable gardens, providing free seeds, and installing tippy taps at various houses and community taps for people to wash their hands (time of COVID-19). Community members who have nothing to eat in their homes should be helped with harambee food parcels, according to the councilor and community leaders.

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