In an update to the story that we covered last week, the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources has given the all-clear for the recently washed up mullet fish, noting that it is safe for consumption, as long as it is still in a fresh state. This, the Namibia press agency reports, after water analysis to determine the type and toxicity level of the algal bloom in the Walvis Bay lagoon and surrounding areas found that it was non-toxic. The Ministry noted that as presumed, the wash-up of the fish last week was caused by the anoxic conditions due to the depletion of oxygen by the algae in the water. Furthermore, due to the inflow of the Swakop River into the ocean, lobster and other marine species die-off have also been observed, caused by a combination of factors including mud clogging the gills of fish and crustaceans, as well as exposure to fresh water and low oxygen.