With a second Covid-19 wave battering the Western Cape, local leaders have lambasted citizens who put extra pressure on systems that already take strain over the festive season, including people who drink too much then cause road accidents and violence, people who assault ambulance personnel, those who carry on partying as if there’s no pandemic, and taxi passengers who share masks. Times Live quotes Premier Alan Winde as saying at his weekly Covid-19 media conference on Thursday that “Covid-19 is not taking a break this season and … we are now officially in a second wave. So when you abuse alcohol and you end up taking trauma beds and affecting the capacity of health systems, it is not fair on our health workers. You are taking beds reserved for grandma and those experiencing difficulties while having the virus”. Winde further cautioned against young people flouting the rules to mark the end of the school year, and said they may be asymptomatic if they get sick but nevertheless pass the virus on to vulnerable family members.