The U.N. World Food Programme warned today that worsening violence by militants with links to Islamic State in northern Mozambique are causing thousands to go hungry as they flee their homes and abandon farms. Reuters reports that ‘The latest findings from famine early warning system FEWSNET indicate that communities will continue to face ‘crisis’ levels of food insecurity (IPC Phase 3) into early 2021,’ the WFP statement said. Separately, In an un-related story that also stems from Mozambique, Amnesty International wants a thorough investigation into the shooting and killing of a pregnant woman in Northern Mozambique. eNCA reports that footage shows the woman being shot by several men in military uniform. The government has blamed the shooting on armed rebels but in the video, soldiers accuse the woman of being part of a rebel group. David Matsinhe, from Amnesty International, said the organisation is asking for the Mozambiquan government as well as the international community to intervene to help people access basic services.