Democratic Alliance federal council chairperson Helen Zille says South Africans are living in a failing state but people in the Western Cape especially Cape Town are not seeing that. Speaking to Clement Manyathela, Zille says they are pushing for much more functional federalism in the Western Cape in order to protect the citizens from the failed state. The other provinces do get to see the implications of a failed state with the constant breakdown of infrastructure, roads that are so potholed that you can’t drive on them and the failed state is hitting them in the face. Zille said to be poor in Langa in Cape Town is a hundred, probably a thousand times better than to be poor in many of the townships in the rest of the country. She adds that people who go to the Western Cape are poverty-stricken in search of jobs, schools and health facilities that work. At least 260 homes were destroyed in a fire in Langa over the weekend leaving more than 750 people displaced, Zille says the government will give people starter packs to rebuild their homes.